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  1. It’s been 2 weeks I think. no, nothing yet.
  2. They didn’t ask for anything, I didn’t need any of their information
  3. I admitted everything from the date i moved in. I thought they might have chosen those dates to try and catch people out and id be more in trouble if I got caught lying.
  4. Still not heard anything, the woman I spoke to with the interview was lovely. She just said it’s more than likely il just have to pay the amount back. Fingers crossed that’s all it is.
  5. I don’t know. I have anxiety anyway so can’t help it
  6. Sick of having anxiety every morning waiting for a letter
  7. Did you ever hear anything back?
  8. Iv done!! the woman was so so so lovely. I had not renewed in April she said she needed to do that first, and then I asked to be referred to the vulnerable team and so she’s referred to a case worker. she said I won’t go prison and they will just look and setting a payment plan up
  9. I’m hoping they ring just After 4 and then I will leave and take the call I managed to get out and ring. The woman was lovely and said she will put to ring from 4.05
  10. My work won’t let me leave 5 mins early to take the call and not I’m panicking
  11. Do you think I should talk to a solicitor? It will be roughly £20k
  12. Wednesday at 10 but Iv had to change it to 4 as I’m ay work Only plus point they said they are fully booked today and tomorrow for interviews
  13. What did you tell her? I was supposed to have changed my claim in 2016, do I tell her that? I’m so worried
  14. Hi, could you tell me what sort of things they asked or said? I have an interview on Wednesday and im terrified.
  15. I just want to sort it out, Why won’t they let me speak to someone? I’m now even more worried that im going to be prosecuted They won’t speak to me and told me to wait for my interview
  16. So I’m going to ring tomorrow and just say that I want to confess to not reporting a change of circumstances? Can someone tell me how you would start the conversation. My anxiety is so high.
  17. Iv decided I’m going to ring tomorrow and just admit everything.
  18. Thank you, but won’t they just look further back and see we were living together from 2016?
  19. Thank you, Iv just worked out for the first 2 years partner was earning £31k Before tax. Would we hAve been entitled to something? If so will it be less owed than I originally thought? Iv worked it out that every penny Iv had will be paid back, so roughly £25k. I can’t provide the requested infomation like bills/council tax bill etc as it’s all in his name.
  20. do need someone to help with regards to money. I can’t be trusted with it. My partner trusted me with his credit card for emergencies and I maxed it out behind his back and he now has to pay it back. The allowance he gives me he thinks I only have and that I live on that. He has no idea about my debts as I hide the letters, eVen when a bailiff turned up and his dad had to pay it. I’m so scared. I actual can’t cope, I’m such a drain on my family. Do I ring them on Monday and just admit everything? Or do I wait for the interview? do I just be honest and say this is the date I moved in, all bills etc are in his name. Then what happens? They send me court?
  21. We wouldn’t be entitled to any tax credits as my partner earns too much
  22. We won’t be entitled to anything because he earns too much. why have they only asked for the 3 months last year?
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