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  1. There is no money to pay. It was drop hands settlement. I had a valid claim but couldn't afford solicitor fees. Respondent never gave any offer and used 2 different law firms and racked up bills (including expected fees) of £30k. They were sending emails that I should withdraw claim or they will seeks costs. I withdrew claim out of distress. I asked ACAS that defamation cause should only be related to employment related and not as normal customer. But this is what I got and I had no option but to agree. About respondent
  2. No, I asked similar question on some other website and all I got was adjectives , phrases and things like 'you should shut up and move on', don't dig while you are in hole etc. Such things doesn't help but only makes you more defensive. This thread hasn't got any responses yet, so it is not for this thread.
  3. expecting civil replies instead of using adjectives and verbs like "shut up"
  4. Yes, but I don't want to send email to admin as per suggestion here "please would you email us at our admin email address and let us know who it is." I can't unfortunately.
  5. Hi I need some urgent legal advice. I can't afford solicitor's fees. I had filed an employment tribunal claim against my previous employer which I withdrew few days before hearing. Respondent had been sending threatening letters for cost of almost £30k and I panicked and asked ACAS for settlement under duress. I had made application to ET to reject cost application but they didn't respond. It was "drop hands" COT3 agreement (no payment but no cost demand). I didn't get any legal advise as all happened in less than 2 days time. COT3 is sig
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