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  1. Noted for next time! As you say, you get scared and think that you have to pay or it will get a lot worse. Obviously they know how to scare people. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thank you! The OWNER, Italian Police were shocked when I said it was as far back as 2015 and they have no record of this so clearly CLI is NOT acting on their behalf (sounds like fraud) and if they don't have any records, no further actions can be taken (not that they would bother with this anyway). Especially since they made it clear that I have the right to see proof of the registered notification of the original fine and if it is not sent within 360 days then it is no longer valid from their perspective. So ignore and not respond to any further emails? I assume I can expect a few more threatening letters until they give up.
  3. Hi all, I have read all the threads about CLI (Credit limits international) regarding fines from minor traffic offences in Florence Italy but I wonder if anyone actually faced some serious issues by ignoring the letters? Did any bailiffs knocking on the door, any court hearings, credit scores affected etc? In my case, it is for a traffic offence in Florence and entering a traffic limited zone in 2015. CLI claims that their client is the Firenze Municipale and they are collecting the debt on their behalf. However, I have (as many others) never received the first or any notification from the Italian traffic police itself. I called them and as stated in many online websites - they confirmed that the final notification is sent by registered post and needs to sent within 360 days of when they received my contact details by the rental company. The most odd thing is that the Firenze Municipale also mentioned that they hold no records of old fines so that makes me really wonder how they can act on behalf of the police when they don't have any records of it? Also worth mentioning is that, there are many errors on the original fine CLI has sent me, there are slightly different amount stated on each page. If they have bought the debt than it would be fraud by claiming that they act on behalf of a client. I know many are saying to ignore it and they have no authority to take further legal actions, however they are a member of CSA (note I have spoken to FCA and they confirmed they do not regulate traffic offences so they do not need to be registered there) so I would think they can enforce it. Does anyone have any experience and how far did CLI take it? I have no problem paying the original fine as I never was notified but they are claiming more than 4 times and I doubt you can negotiate. Thanks!
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