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  1. Is it best to go to the store and try and get the refund ?, as the customer service people never want to put me through to the decision makers on the phone. "Human shield" Thanks for the information much appreciated
  2. Hi All, I bought the extended warranty , I'm awaiting Delivery of my "Repair" and I'm not so sure what to expect I'm filled with dread and anxiety over this whole process and I hate getting angry. I did however instruct a law firm to take on my case pending delivery outcome and look forward to getting a bailiff to attend the office and recover the cost of the television, damages, costs and my wasted time. Thanks all
  3. Issue was raised on the 27th of August 2020, Curry's responded with a collection attempt on the 1st of September 2020. The television was returned to me on the 12th of September 2020. The condition of the television was poor and lots of pieces were missing. damage was incurred to poor handling and care. TV given back the same day. The same television with even more damage was returned to be with even more damage and now dead on arrival on the 15th of September. The delivery driver left the property immediately and kept saying he was late he ran away in short. I spent £3500 on the television , and I still don't currently have a working television or replacement from them.
  4. Hi All, I purchased a television from currys last year in june 2019 - with the extended 5 year warranty, I've has some issues with it and it started to power off. I went to the samsung forums and saw that it was an issue with an external input box connected to the TV, I was advised to contact samsung samsung gave me a code to give to currys for a replacement box. Teamknowhow came and took my television - even though i told him not to and the modular box, they then bought me back a television that was a bad quality refurbished unit with protruding screws that i could tighten or put back in. i refused the television , they dumped it back in the lorry and sent it back over to me in even worse condition, bear in mind it was absolutely immaculate when it left my house. it's got chunks missing from, it rubber feet missing, screws missing, panel damage, bezel damage, deep scratches that are inches long. On the second delivery attempt the Television came back Dead on arrival and with all the damage shown below I'm incredibly frustrated - ive written to their CEO, the Partners at Samsung, called customer service, but they don't seem to honour any part of their warranty . I've asked for a refund or a like for like replacement, but they wont do anything apart from collect me Television damage it and give me back the same the unit in much worse condition. why do they not respect the consumers rights , or their own consumer agreements, or have good customer service, does anyone know what else can be done to get this resolved ?
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