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  1. I get a list of google links. Clicking some of this groups post I can see similar scenarios where one man fell for same trick as me with the face cream But no resolution ?
  2. Yes of course I asked for it back. The bank said that I had signed up to their terms which I hadn’t. I put this on my response when I initially posted that the credit card bank said no basically. My argument is It was not made clear. I have opened a dispute with the credit card team because they took money there were not permitted to take i would appreciate help of course. I would love to be perfect and not duped by an unreputable company however we as humans are not foulproof to scams or I wouldn’t be one of many fallen foul to them
  3. It’s above? I’m not a solicitor or legal expert so no doubt it’s not the correct wording hence me seeking help here. Feeling a bit annihilated when I am genuinely trying to understand what my rights are. Whether I wanted a product or not, if I pay for something surely I have the right to challenge not actually receive it .
  4. I didn’t “order” them but they took a continuous payment which I have stopped. They refused to refund me saying their t&cs on the website state you are signing up to an ongoing monthly order anyway - the money they have took - whether i wanted them or not - has not yielded a product! So I have paid for something I did not receive. Irrespective of whether I wanted it. Which I didn’t. But that’s my lesson learnt on reading every single section of every website you ever buy from apparently
  5. To Whom It May Concern On 16/09/2020 I ordered the following from you: Keto Formula - 30 day supply. I paid £89.95 by credit card. The reference number for my order was xx You told me to wait 3-4 days for delivery and therefore I was expecting to take delivery of the item on 20/09/2020, but at present (27/09/20), I have still not received the goods. Failure to deliver within a reasonable time and after the agreed deadline is a breach under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. You have stated the item has been delivered however as a retailer, you are
  6. I disagree - I have only lost credibility if I don’t do it. However it is pertinent to get all the facts first and if I end up losing money by taking legal action ie through costs I incur (I am not an expert! And don’t know how this works)then I will be grateful I explored my options first
  7. Yes retailer has provided tracking and it says delivered with no photo or proof of signature Hermes won’t speak to me as contract is with the retailer. And retailer just keeps sending me tracking link saying it’s been delivered so not their problem why would I have been better to purchase via a debit card for under £100 out of interest? threatened legal action to retailer and they are just ignoring it and send copy and paste tracking link
  8. Corporate Office 142 Cromwell Road, London England, SW7 4EF thanks!
  9. Ketoformula.co (yes that is the right website). I believe to be uk based its dietary supplements yes £89 is correct paid for on a credit not debit card. I haven’t declared any Value to anyone but believe the responsibility sits with the retailer to deliver the item which, whilst tracking says it has, it has not
  10. Retailers and Hermes. I have a parcel that’s saying delivered but not arrived. This dates back two weeks. The retailer won’t contact Hermes but Hermes are saying I need to let the retailer know my package hasn’t arrived - as the contract is between them and Hermes, not me. I am going around in circles. Retailer just says here is the tracking and won’t acknowledge the parcel hasn’t arrived! Paid for by credit card. £89. Any advice, please help
  11. Its ketoformula.co I cant seem to get your link to work? If i had just mindlessly clicked then fair enough... but no confirmation, no reneals no nothing, i just think thats BS and how can they get away it. What next, white text on a white background "but its there you shouldve looked"...
  12. Hi all - after some advice please. here is a brief overview purchased a trial pack of supplements for £4.99 at time of pruchase, no mention of any subscriptions, sign-ups or add on product other than the £4.99 trial product email confirmation comes through - company have added another product for £85 on without consent email them and they try to convince me to have product for a reduced price of £40, i say no, they eventually refund - i thought the hassle was over Two weeks later.. wake up to an email confirmation of another 30 day supply
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