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  1. I am currently putting my claim together on the Money Claim website, if I tick the box: Do you want to reserve the right to claim interest under the County Court Act? If yes please select 'yes' and complete the following fields. If you wish to claim interest under any other act or agreement please select 'no' and enter the full details of your interest agreement in the box below. What dates and information should I enter in the attached screenshot boxes? Is it the date I sent the original car rejection letter through? Is the date issuing the claim the date 14
  2. I have checked on the https://www.trustonline.org.uk/ link you sent and they have the following attached currently against them. Report-202009633007.pdf
  3. This is the email/letter I will send on Monday, please let me know if there is anything I should amend. I will take your advice and read up everything you have recommended before sending.
  4. Thanks, do you suggest I should send this letter recorded delivery or would an email suffice? I am even happy to do both. If I send via a letter should I let 14 days lapse from the day they have received it or when I send it? I could even take it down myself and hand deliver it. Did you mean once I have sent my letter of claim, then register on the MoneyClaim website? This is certainly no bluff and I am taking this as far as it needs to go to get my money back. Appreciate all the help so far, fantastic service.
  5. We paid via online bank transfer. I should also note we part exchanged our Ford Fiesta for £4000. Paid a deposit of £100 and final payment of £4980. This totals the value to £8990. We hired a car from Enterprise between Saturday 22nd August and Tuesday 1st September at a cost of £389.10. I should add the dealer offered us a 59 reg Kia Picanto courtesy car, we declined as a family of 4 with 2 young children, it would have been impossible to load everything required for a weeks holiday in the UK. We had bought an SUV and were not offered any kind of equivalent.
  6. Thanks for your response. I am taking this case very seriously, WhatsApp is a recognised form of communications for file sharing, I used this format as time was running out and we needed to get correspondence to them. The dealer is around 30-40 minute drive away from us. I don’t own a credit card, I have always purchased through debit card, my thoughts have always been if I don’t have the money don’t purchase anything. The hire car we paid for was £380 for the week. Other costs have included loss of earnings, costs for travel back and forth to the garage, ho
  7. Here is my timeline of events. Monday 17th August Collected the vehicle from Astral Motors and transferred money over. Whilst driving home a warning light SCBS inspection required and TPMS inspection required appeared and the car started to make a shudder, had no power in the acceleration and went into limp mode. It was gone 5pm and knew nobody was at the garage to answer. Tuesday 18th August I took the car the next day, at first no error lights appeared however driving after around 20 minutes both the original warning lights appeared again and the car lost power. We
  8. The name of the company is Astral Motor Company Ltd, based down in Gillingham, Kent. Thank you for your responses so far.
  9. Could you explain why giving the name of the dealer would be any use? Happy to edit my post later today with chronology giving dates.
  10. Hi, I will try keep this as brief as possible. We recently purchased a used car, after 1 day engine management lights came on and the car went into limp mode. We rang the dealer, car was taken back to them for their garage to look at, we were told DPF filter needed cleaning. Picked the car up and on the drive home exactly the same error codes appeared and limp mode again. It went back into the garage this time they told us there was a pipe leak, this was replaced and they eventually found the turbo also needed replacing. We allowed them to do these works and in the meantime persona
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