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  1. So after sending the email to CEO, the ticket has been successfully cancelled - result! My original email: Dear Mr. Christian Hartnagel, Re: Parking Charge Notice No: 0 XXX XXX XXX Vehicle Registration: XXXX XXX Issue Date: 11/09/2020 Entered Car Park: 09/09/2020 @ XX:XX:XX Exited Car Park: 09/09/2020 @ XX:XX:XX Athena claim an Overstay of 56mins. Photo attached of the receipt valued to your company as sales of £24.77. I am writing as the registered keeper of a car in reference to Athena ANPR Ltd's Notice to Keeper (ref: X XXX XXX XXX).
  2. Ok, the email address bounced back for the CEO and when searching online for Chris Hartnagel, it gives dispute.resolution@lidl.co.uk, which I emailed on 18th Sept and haven't received a response as yet. I also sent info through to Lidl Customer Services via the online contact form and have received an acknowledgement email from them, followed up by another email today basically saying they are very busy and it will take longer to get a reply, so either wait for reply or telephone if urgent Today I did another search about ceo's email addy and found a post from a different forum w
  3. Hi, Thanks for the replies/advice. I sent an email to the CEO, so will give an update about this once I get a response.
  4. Hiya, Yes, was shopping in Lidl and thankfully found the receipt. Thanks, sakachmi
  5. Hi, Just in need of some help with a parking charge received from Athena ANPR Ltd. Parked in a Lidl carpark and didn't scan the receipt to register vehicle details before leaving shop/carpark - this means the the free parking time was only for 10mins instead of 90mins, but shopped for 1hr 6mins, therefore exceeding this by 56mins. For the last few months, this particular store did not require drivers to register vehicle details due to COVID-19 (staff have been saying it for ages and machines wouldn't allow details to be entered), and so I didn't even look at the machines to be
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