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  1. My phone is not working properly so can't do apps etc, my credit file is clean so lowels have something to do with moriarty, Appreciate your help though thanks
  2. Yes by email (my old email address) last year but was going through chemotherapy and was given 6 months to live so ignored. Cheers
  3. The letter states if not paid in full then court fees and instructions for bailiffs to recover goods, Im recovering from cancer and have aspergers, ive always paid my bills and this is stressful , I tried to ring them on withheld number but no one ever answers, and no way are they having my number. I have reasons to believe that they have bought this debt from lowels
  4. My credit file is clean no defaults or anything regarding this alleged debt
  5. Gb energy ltd, yet they went into liquidation nov 2016 and i switched suppliers afterwards, there saying the bill is from December 26 to March 17
  6. I have received a letter saying i owe 685 for gas at a previous address, i moved out of the property December 2016 yet this bill states December 2016 to March 2017. I have proof i lived in Scotland from December onwards. I have not replied to them due to recovering from cancer and i have mental health issues. Does anyone have a proof of debt template letter please
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