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  1. I am posting here another update just for future references and keep track of what's going on SkandicInkasso (SJ inkasso GmbH), the DCA, sent me another email: Dear Madame, Dear Sir, we are commissioned by Hertz UK Ltd. Carrental to collect the outstanding account balance. At this time, we have neither received a payment nor have we gotten a response to the letter sent on . Your account is now 101 days past due and you owe a total of 1234.77 €. Please get in touch with us immediately and please submit your payment of 1234.77 € by 06.12.20.
  2. I was looking on their website and I found: [...] SkandicInkasso can be of assistance in monitoring the debtor with its long term surveillance system. [...] from https://www.skandicinkasso.de/en/products/legal-debt-collection/ and [...] Common garnishment of accounts and wages is here possible, as well as furniture execution, the registry of equitable mortgage and the blocking of other assets like life insurances and properties [...] from https://www.skandicinkasso.de/en/products/compulsory-execution/. They are based in Karben, Germany. Can they really do what they
  3. I might just tell them that I am not going to pay and the debt is in dispute.
  4. hey... I am back again. I just got an email from the debt collection agency (SkandicInkasso - http://www.skandiconline.com/) asking the following: We ask you now to pay the claim of 1,230.12 € quickly, within 7 days (until 12.11.2020). Due claim: Main claim: 1,001.53 € Interest: 44.09 € Costs: 184.50 € Total: 1,230.12 € Do you suggest to ignore this email altogether or to reply telling them I won't pay unless they take me to court? Thanks, L.
  5. I received a SAR from BVRLA and it includes an email trail with Hertz about my case. Few points I noticed: [...] This is the only image we have of the clutch. The clutch condition report unfortunately was not uploaded to the job because it was sent to Chris Ward who is currently on furlough. But as you can see from the condition of the clutch cover and the lining on the friction plate it has been shredded off the rivets of the plate. This kind of damage would not occur under normal driving conditions. [...] Concluding summary statement based upon cause o
  6. so... I am back again quick recap: I rented a van using Hertz; the clutch burned out after only 6 miles; Hertz tried to get £850 from my c/c (thankfully I used a virtual one); a debt agency sent me a letter asking to pay £1000+ that ignored. 30 days ago I requested an SAR to Hertz and, so far, I have not received anything (no via post nor via email). As far as I know they are obliged to fulfill my request and I don't want to send them a reminder. Can i open a complaint to the ICO? do you advice me to to that or should I wait more time? Thanks,
  7. quick update. few weeks ago I received the SAR from BVRLA but I am still waiting the one from Hertz and in 2 weeks it will be 30 days since I requested it. Do you think it's a good idea to send them an email as reminder? What should I do if Hertz doesn't fullfill my request? I had a chat with another mechanic and he agreed with me (and everyone else) that, with the details I have (photo that shows the initial mileage) and report that shows the mileage at recovery, it was impossible for me to destroy that clutch. He's going to write down an email about that.
  8. Thank you BankFodder, I just sent 2 email to Hertz and BVRLA privacy departments. I am going to send an email to AA asking if the mechanic that reviewed the van can write me a statement where he declares, from his professional point of view, that it was impossible for me to burn down the clutch after only 6 miles.
  9. Guys you have no idea how helpful you all have been. Thank you. I have another question about the Subject Access Request. I have found this template on your site and I was wondering if I can use it replying to the chain of emails ([email protected]) I sent to hertz about this issue or I have to send them a new one to their privacy specific one ([email protected]) I found on their site https://www.hertz.co.uk/rentacar/privacypolicy/index.jsp?targetPage=privacyPolicyView.jsp Also, do I have to specify the info I’d like to get from them (e.g. Rental Information)
  10. Thankfully I took a picture of the van's dashboard and the mileage was 24,130 miles. On a side note, can I request a SAR via email?
  11. I never sent one before and I was reading the SAR related page of this site to understand what it is. I read that I can send it via email and I am going to send one today. After I received the debt collector, letter sent via post, I submitted a complaint through their website and their replied (9th September) stating the following: I then replied telling them that despite their decision (listing few more points), I still did not believe I am liable for the damage and subsequent charges from Hertz and they replied (14th Sept): And now I
  12. From their website (https://www.bvrla.co.uk/) : About the BVRLA Established in 1967, the BVRLA is the UK trade body for companies engaged in vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management. Basically they are supposed to help customers to deal with complaints against these rental companies. I am going to have a look into this. Thanks!
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