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  1. Hi all, I would like to thank you all for your help so far on this matter. I have been reading some relevant thread on here as rightly suggested to get myself up to speed. One thing is certainly clear, and that is NO to mediation. I have got to put the form N180 in the post first class tomorrow money to meet Monday's deadline. I haven't really found a clear answer to one or two things: 1) Can i change the hearing venue to my preferred county court? 2) What's my reason for considering the case not suitable for the small claims tack and what alternative?
  2. @dx100uk. I really appreciate your prompt response but i am still confused as to what is the exact step I should take next? Could you make it clearer for me, please?
  3. Thanks for all responses. My Defence: ''1)The Claimant has failed to show, upon request under CPR 31.14, any authority or agency to enter into contracts with the public by way of an assignment from the proprietor to do the same and to make civil claims in their own name. The defendant does not believe that the claimant has locus standi in this matter as they have failed to produce a contract between themselves and the landowner that assigns the right to enter into contracts with the public and to make civil claims in their own name. 2)In any case no
  4. Good day all, I filled my defence to the court after sending the CPR31.14 Request to the claimant. The court responded early last week with a Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track, which they consider the case suitabley . I was then advised to complete box C1 should i not deem the case fit for the Small Claim questionnaire (Form N180) and return to the court and the other party by 2nd of Nov,2020 Also, a letter came from the claimant towards the end of last week titled: 1)Right of access request relating to PCN.............
  5. Thank you so much all , I am so happy and appreciate your immediate support as i thought we had left it tooo late to the last minute ! Also thanks for keeping my worries at peace .. lol Managed to log on to MCOL , and filled out as advised, it was also submitted before 4pm , next is the CPR 31.14 , Will surely keep you abreast ..
  6. Aww you are an ANGEL !! Thank you so much !! I have visited the MCOL website but it is presently down .. I am getting this notification Sorry, the service is unavailable We're busy releasing updates. Please try again later. If you need contact details, go to GOV.UK and enter the name of the service.
  7. Name of the Claimant : CIVIL ENFORCEMENT LTD Claimants Solicitors: Says .signed by S. Wilson Head of Legal (Claimant's Legal Representative ) Date of issue – 28 Aug 2020 Date for AOS - think this is 15/09/2020 but i havent done anything yet ! .. Date to submit Defence - : 29/09/2020 What is the claim for – 1.Claim for monies relating to a parking charge for parking in a private car park managed by the Claimant in breach of the terms + conditions (T + Cs ). 2.Drivers are allowed to park in accordance with
  8. Hello , I hope you can help please, My partner drove my car to meet some clients at a pub, as there was no parking, he decided to park elsewhere, unfortunately this happened to be a private land, We received a PCN details below, but He (Partner ) decided to ignore as he only stayed for 18 mins , to be honest we can't remember if there was a photo evidence or ticket. Claim amount is now £261.25 , PLEASE HELP .... For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] (must be received within 14 days from the Incident)
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