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  1. I think Lidl cust. service contacted them on behalf of their CEO (which is how they worded it), and Lidl over all has good leverage on Athena. Frankly I didn't expect the refund to the credit card this quickly neither. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, Athena refunded back to my credit card within two working days after Lidl contacted them requesting cancellation. As I said there was no need to escalate to a chargeback without giving them time. Thanks to everyone that suggested the contact CEO method. It worked for me as well.
  3. OK, I have not claimed anyone told us to pay in this forum. As grown up adults we made this decision. I am sharing our experience in case it benefits anyone. Our approach to this is if Lidl didn't help at the end we would take our shopping elsewhere and the so called reduced charge of £45 paid would be the end of the story, even if is unfair. As I mentioned Lidl cust. service already emailed us to confirm that they have contacted Athena to cancel the charge, I'll first follow up with Lidl. If not resolved will resort to chargeback.
  4. Hi All, My partner received a response from Lidl after another 3 days in which they explain the reason for their car parking system etc. but to summarize they conclude to cancel the parking charge with the below paragraph; "In light of your comments, on this occasion only, I have requested that the parking charge is cancelled. Athena will confirm the cancellation in writing in due course." As the £45 was going up to £90 the day before the email above actually reached us, we actually sent the payment of £45 to Athena to remove the risk of that, but with the
  5. I sent an email to the CEO as suggested today, will keep you updated. I went through Athena's letter as per the POFA points above, timeline and requirements seem to be met. If I was to appeal to Athena I would have highlighted that the car park lights were not working on the day of our visit when we came out of Lidl and it was pitch dark so it took us longer to find the car and pack, the exit camera picture is a proof of the state of the car park in which their night vision cam just picked the plate. Convenient that the camera was working even though n
  6. @brassneckedI read the POFA dated 2012 I don't understand how an appeal with Athena changes anything either way in regards to outing the driver etc.; https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2012/9/schedule/4/enacted#schedule-4-paragraph-12 states; " Right to claim unpaid parking charges from keeper of vehicle 4(1)The creditor has the right to recover any unpaid parking charges from the keeper of the vehicle." Meanwhile, after a few days below is Lidl cust. service's reply; Re: Parking Charge Notice Thanks for getting
  7. Hi, thanks for your prompt replies. @honeybee13 Please find the info at the bottom of this message. @dx100uk @FTMDave We were thinking of ignoring but the company in question has offered a £45 fine instead of £90 if paid in the first 14 days from issue date 11/09 , actually 9 days left from today when we received the mail. We know fundamentally the whole thing is wrong, however don't want to end up paying £90 if it progresses to letter of claim, what do you think? Our worst case is we want to end it with the £45 and say goo
  8. Hi, me and my partner who are frequent shoppers at Lidl Feltham shopped on 09.09 after 14 days of Covid quarantine at our home due to travel back restrictions. However this meant our shopping was bigger than usual at £85 total between us , we also spent time to figure out how to use the new Lidl plus app during this shopping so we ended up taking longer to checkout ,pack our car and leave. While leaving, the car park lights were all off and it was very dark which also made the loading of the car longer. Today we are in shock to receive a £90 parking charge letter by post for overs
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