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  1. Hello again! @Andyorch we've heard back about this and our buyers solicitor is asking my solicitor for either an RX3 or RX4 to be completed. Our solicitor is saying this could get complicated. Any advice? My solicitor has asked me to look into anything I find *Update* turns out Capquest bought the debt from Phoenix Recoveries. We now have a reference number for our solicitor to use.
  2. This is from the first link you sent. It’s been over 12 years since any payments made. Thank you for all this advice, it’s proving very useful.
  3. No problems (yet) as we’ve just sold our house, I’m guessing it could become a problem later in the process. Our conveyancer seems to think someone will own the debt, and it will need paying, but we’re really struggling to find anything
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I believe it’s the restriction as it was my partners debt, but were both the mortgage holders.
  5. Hi, New around here but looking for some advice about a dissolved company called Phoenix Recoveries UK Ltd (SARL) and their dissolved solicitors. On the Land registry, the Charge (dated 2008) is still registered to PR, so we're wondering what happens now? We keep ALL paperwork on everything and we've no record of the debt being sold on. Can anyone shed any light on this? Many thanks.
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