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  1. Has there ever been any success stries re chargeback with BOS? How much hope do I have? I wrote to FOS and to the bank again requesting a chargeback in writing too.
  2. Just spoke to the bank and they are adamant that the contract I signed is binding and valid therefore they cannot start a chargeback. No way I could get the message accross that it's part of a scam and I already sent them plenty of proof for that. I shall write to the FOS now I guess. Any other suggestions?
  3. So do I need to actually call them rather than replying to their email? What also makes me wonder is how is it possible that a scam like this can go on for so long without being caught and prosecuted? There's so much evidence against them. Where does the system fail? Or is it too big a question to ask.
  4. Bank of Scotland. That's what I thought too actually, especially given that I have a voice recording to prove that the "service" was sold by deceit aka in a fraudulent way. Thanks for the tip, didn't realize that I have to be more assertive with the bank too. I'll read your articles.
  5. That's what I thought too actually, especially given that I have a voice recording to prove that the "service" was sold by deceit aka in a fraudulent way. Thanks for the tip, didn't realize that I have to be more assertive with them too.
  6. No, I paid by debit card. I asked my bank to start a debit card dispute but they said they can't help because the contract I signed says "I understand that once I leave the premises, I cannot cancel or reduce the order." It actually also says that "I also understand that LTVFM LTD is not an agency and will not find me work."
  7. I fell into their trap too. Contacted my bank for a debit card dispute but was told they can't help because the contract I signed has a section that says the order cannot be reduced or cancelled once I leave the premises. However, it was sold by deceit and blunt lies, aka in a fraudulent way. Anything I can do to get my money back? Multiple websites seem to be leading to the same company. I first came across with castingavenue.co.uk. When I got contacted by Justin James/Wright (he had different names in different emails) the website he referred me to was socialmediamodel.co.uk. The actual company name is London TV & Fashion Media Limited, Trading As Ga11ery 26a Market Place Fitzrovia London England W1W 8AW On the phone with Justin I was asked to pay a refundable deposit of 50GBP to secure my appointment. Justin assured me that this will be refunded on the day of the trial shooting. He also explicitly assured me that I will not have to pay anything for the company for the photo shooting or, if successful, after being offered a job, for they are paid by the brands they refer me to. He told me that in case of a successful application they guarantee a minimum of 4 paid jobs a month for an initial 12 month period. For all this I had to travel to London, again with a sense of urgency, as he said they already have a potential job for me lined up. The way they communicate is very manipulative on many levels. They speak fast and give lots of details, repeating the ones that should be the main fraudulent selling point, which is that the company guarantees a job for a 12 month period. They apply a time pressure, a sense of urgency to make a decision immediately otherwise I will miss out on my opportunity. This is reinforced by the promised job possibility. After the photo shooting I had an interview with Ken Love. The room I had the interview in was quite dark with a standing light behind him so he could see my face quite clearly but I couldn't see his so well. When I asked about what my investment would be in all of this he told me it was my time only for they get a 15-22 percent cut after each job they refer me to. Ken told me that they guarantee a minimum of 12 paid jobs a month (different figure from the phone conversation) from which I have to take a minimum of 4 in order to stay on their books. I will be assigned a model manager who will help me with my website which will be created by the company, my official Instagram and Facebook page. My manager will be there for me to advise in everything to make my first steps in the modelling world. All this was said to be launched on the 5th October, when I will also be appearing in a magazine in the "New Face" category. He had a job description with the Halifax Bank logo on it on his computer screen for extra visual reinforcement of the information. He gave a lot of information about the job, again speaking very fast and rushed. He told me the shooting would take place between 24-26 September and I would be paid over 3000GBP per day. Also Halifax bank would pay me up to 7000GBP for the rights to use my images for up to 2 years. He said the Bank is going to call me on Tuesday, the 15th September between 11 am and 2pm to confirm the details of the job. At this point he told me that in order to move forward with this job I need to get one of the company packages which cost me 3500. I had a phone call from my "model manager" Laura Jones a few days later, which I recorded and in which she explicitly confirmed that I have got the job but not heard from her since.
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