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  1. Hi Andyorch The debt was sold to Intrum, and they are asking for a voluntary charging order against the house which was in joint names. There is no CCJ for this Debt against her. The CCA states that before enforcement action can be taken the Debtor must be served a default notice, making the Default Notice a legal document.
  2. Hi All. Just as a matter of curiosity I sent a SAR's letter to JD Williams/N Brown requesting details of my late wife's account and a copy of the Default Notice. I received the reply today but it did not include a copy of the Default Notice. So I emailed N Brown Ltd and this is their response. Good afternoon, Thank you for your email. We are sorry you are not happy with not receiving a copy of the default notice as requested. In our initial response we mentioned that in instances where we do not hold a copy of the information requested, we cannot provide it. However, we apologise that this point of your request was not addressed directly and therefore was not clear. We have provided a list of letters issued on the account under the correspondence header. The letters included in this list, including the default notice, are system generated and we do not hold a copy of the actual letters. We only store the letter code and date it was issued, and this is what we have provided, along with an explanation as to what each letter is. As we do not hold a copy of the default notice, unfortunately this means we are unable to provide it. Kind regards, Data Protection and Governance Team So I can not check to see if the Default Notice meets the statutory requirements of the CCA.
  3. The day after my wife passed away I started to contact her creditors and explained that as autopsy need to be carried out I could not send them a death certificate. About a week later I heard from the coroner that tissue samples had to be sent to the lab for testing and that she could issue an interim Death Certificate I sent copies of this to all her creditors and explained that there was not any money in her estate. All but Intrum wrote off the debt. However, there was a small amount of money in her bank accounts. She was in receipt of PIPS and state pension this does need to be paid back and is in a separate bank account waiting to be reclaimed. The state pension went into her bank account the day after she died. Her pip's went in a few weeks before so not sure how much needs to be paid back on that. But they have been notified of her death and payments have been cancelled.
  4. Here is a copy of my Sar's Letter to JDW Subject Access Request. Dear Sir or Madam, I am the husband and executor of the late Mrs *************** of the above address. Mrs ********* pas (template removed -dx )
  5. Thank You for the replies. Seems for now I can forget Intrum. But I still want to get some information from JDW to see if the debt was my wife's, so I will Send a SAR's letter JDW.
  6. I have just checked Trustonline NO CCJ's listed. I remembered checking my Creditkarma report and seeing a mistake on the Financial Associates It states that my wife has a Lloyd's Bank Account (Wrong) she has only had two accounts one with Barclays and one with HSBC.
  7. My Wife and I purchased the property from the council and mortgage paid off I cannot access her Credit File hence the phone call to Experian tomorrow
  8. Yes I have informed Intrum about her death and sent a copy of the death certificate.
  9. Some advice please on how to handle this. My wife passed away on the 7th June 2020 was going through her desk I found letters from Intrum about a debt she had accrued with JD Williams Ltd a catalogue shop to the tune of £2850.02. I know nothing about this and I have never seen anything come from J D Williams Ltd. today I had another letter from Intrum asking me to allow them to place a charging Order on the property. I have no idea if a default notice has been sent or if a CCJ has been sort. Should I send an Account in Dispute letter to Intrum? Send a Subject Access Request Letter to J.D Williams Ltd Any advice welcome please Thank You
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