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  1. To the day he died, he still wasn't vaccinated because his tummy was too delicate and he was too poorly x He was a Turkish Angora x
  2. Hi, we bought a kitten in June, he was 9 weeks old and all we were told is that he was the runt of the litter and very small but as long as he gained enough weight vet said he was allowed to be rehomed. Within 3 days of bringing him home he was seen at the vets, he had chronic diarrhoea, mites and faeces in his ears and hadn't been wormed and was rapidly losing weight. We had a lot of vet consultations for antibiotics, probiotic pastes, other treatment, faecal tests etc. He was on a vet advised gastro intestinal diet as we had no idea what was causing the chronic diarrhoea. After another decline this week and still only weigh 800g at 4.5 months the vet told us his stomach felt like mush and a change in colour of his eyes indicated a liver problem. We therefore had to have him put to sleep on Monday. Breeder said there was nothing wrong before he left their home but our vet agreed that even with specialised diets and medication that he would of been very poorly when born. Even with specialist treatment costing thousands he would of had a very short life. We paid £200 for him and including his now cremation our bills have cost over £1000 in just a couple of months as nothing was covered under his insurance due to it being a 'pre existing condition.' Any help would be appreciated as we have some devastated children! Many Thanks.
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