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  1. Hi, I've had a read of a few similar issues on here, but I'm not quite sure what to do in my situation. I was caught speeding in Oct 19. The registered keeper received the NIP shortly afterwards, and sent it back stating that it was me driving. I then received the letter asking me to confirm this - which I returned in November 19. I heard absolutely nothing then until this August, when I had a Further Steps Notice (that I owed £452) On speaking to the collections dept and the Court, it seems all correspondence after the letter I returned had been sent to the wrong address (same road that I live on but different house number) I had no idea of any speed awareness course dates / court dates / anything. I've been fined & given points in my absence. I was asked to complete a Statutory Declaration, which I did. They've now asked if I'm pleading guilty or not guilty to the offence. I'd already confirmed I was the driver, but was expecting to be able to attend a speed awareness course and not have penalty points. If I plead guilty would they be likely to leave the penalty points in situ? How am I best approaching this? It seems unfair to receive points for what amounts to an error on their part (wrong entry of an address?) I'd still like the option of a speed awareness course. But am I right that I shouldn't plead not guilty as I am guilty of the speeding offence? Any help would be great please! Thanks
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