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  1. Had a non fault accident, insurance company told me about auxillis so went with that option to avoid claiming on insurance... Repair cost was paid for no problems by other insurer, and otherside admitted fault. Hire costs of just over 1k has been disputed for a lengthy amount of time, as i say nearly 18 months from incident to case closure... Auxillis passed the case to their solicitors, who ive dealth with every step of the way who have tried to settle but no luck.. Had to supply copies of documents, including bank statements, do a statement of
  2. Hi all, So my case did indeed go to hearing in person and the hearing lasted an hour including a decision. A large majority of the costs were recovered and this is now all over for me at long last. The remaining costs im told will just be written off. I was asked a few questions directly which id already mentioned in my statement of truth but other than that my involvement in the hearing was minimal and the hearing was not as formal as id anticipated. I can finally stop worrying about dealing with this, its stressed me out so much but i think tha
  3. Mini Update - Had a call with the Barrister this evening, its still going ahead tomorrow and will be in person (crazy!)... While its annoying im being dragged out of the house in the middle of the pandemic, I will be very very happy once this isnt lingering over me anymore. I'll pop an update tomorrow in this thread with how the hearing goes... Cheers
  4. Thought id update where my situation is up to. In October 2020 i received notice of the court hearing date, which is this Wednesday 24th Feb so this gave me plenty of notice. Sadly other side keeps rejecting offers... So far everything is set to go ahead (and in person which im not best pleased at given the current lockdown). I believe video/telephone hearings are happening where possible and should be available option for cases like mine but nope not heard anything telling me its been changed to video/telephone. I'll update here when this dragged out frustration is fin
  5. Hi Jack, thanks for updating us all. Im shocked you only received your hearing date 2 working days in advance. However im glad that this hassle is now over for you. Its surprising that it wasnt Principia that updated you of the settlement, or have they also confirmed the settlement too? I also dont seem to receive any confirmation responses that theyve received things ive sent, i think they only bother looking at the case again (and any new emails) whenever the other side have responded/court updates. Thats the impression i get. Theyve asked for a copy of m
  6. Thanks for the responses. Well in your situation the period where they ask your availability in the next six months as now well and truly passed, so surely they'd need to check again with you availability? Ive co-operated promptly through every step, but it still annoyingly frustrates me knowing it isnt resolved yet. I too havent found anybody on a forum where it has actually gone to court hearing so thats quite promising and ive also been told likewise that its rare these do go to court. My case is for around 1k if i remember correctly. Third party has admitted liabili
  7. Erm I wouldnt say im having problems, im just concerned of how much notice i will get when a court hearing date is given
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