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  1. Oh ok. Well it currently wont start to get to the shop I think the finance company need to just get it on a tow truck and take it out of my sight and I'll deal with the aftermath. The problem is 3 different mechanics haven't been able to find the issue hence all of the changed parts All in vain
  2. It's due an mot so its got to go in and I'll ask for a quote. Thanks. I just hope the mot doesn't flag anything up that needs to be done Ta
  3. Ok thanks for the advice I'll try to get it booked into a garage. Cheers
  4. Miles were genuine got the most Bought in march 2018 All the work has been done with in the last months I cant get another car on finance as my credit score is kaput My employer can loan me a grand to get another car but I could end up with a duff the same I'm not sure just to get the work done and keep it Nighmare
  5. I got the car in 2018 In good condition for £ 2400 plus the interest £1263 and fees £325 Proton savvy 2010 model Only 12000 on the clock It's now got 30000 on the clock It's been a nightmare For the last12 months I've had problems starting it. Some days it dont start I've had new Head gasket Coils and sparks New crank shaft indicator Battery Rear bearings And still there are days it doesn't start Now a warning light has come on which I think is traction control I have to do 60 mile round trip to w
  6. Hi all I had a car via advantage finance and I've had nothing but trouble. It's been in and out of the local garage like a yoyo Now there are starting problems and a eps warning light on the dash. The mot is up in 3 weeks Finance company has agreed to VT but the car has to be in reasonable condition So do I pay for an mot and any work that needs to be done before returning the car or return the car and wait for them to send me the repairs bill They have confirmed I have 0 to pay to return the car Thanks
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