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  1. Hello, I am currently on benefits due to my disability and mental health problems. Last year my partner received a letter for a very old catalogue debt from DrydensFairfax threatening him with court proceedings. I spoke to the debt company on his behalf explaining that he does not have an income as he is my carer and the only money I receive is benefits for my health problems. I ended up having to borrow money every month from a relative to pay them £10 a month but I have to pay that back to my relative. We are in negative income so can't afford the payments. This last month they took my partner to court for the debt I am already paying back and I am not in arrears. A court bailiff was sent to my house rudely demanding I give them information. They have no reason to take him to court as I was paying them from my benefits even though it's a struggle. They made him fill out an AOE despite him having no income. The order had just been dismissed due to him having no income which they already knew but we don't know what that means. I feel we are being harassed unfairly which is making my health even worse. Did they have any rights to take him to court for a debt I pay and have not defaulted? It's clearly an error but DrydensFairfax were no help. Do I have to keep paying his debt despite me having my own bills and debts I pay? Am I entitled to complain about how they have treated us? I don't know where I stand legally & my health is deteriorating because of this added stress. Thank you, Amy.
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