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  1. Ah, I must have misread to send to everyone - looks like I did. I don't have any of the cards anymore, they're in a lost wallet. I do have a Q - if I log into the online banking again/or try to to find the card numbers and whatnot - does this have an effect on the timer for SB timer?
  2. So update on 2 of the letters. I sent 1 to Wescott (now they are saying they are no longer in charge of this debt) 1 Hoist (without a ref number) as I only got the information that they had bought the debt from Equifax, they wrote back asking for a reference number as they couldn't find the account. My Q is how do I find out who actually is currently holding this debt? Should I write directly to the bank I originally got the credit with? Thanks~
  3. Thanks again! This all makes sense. I'll inform the companies this week, and when I come back to the UK. I'll then come back to this thread then. So glad I found this site! Such a help, much appreciated. Have a great week.
  4. Thanks guys! Much appreciated. I won't e-mail, I'll just send from here. Hopefully it won't take too long, though by the time I get an acknowledgment I'll probably be gone aha. In terms of when I get back to the UK what's the best course of action? Am I better waiting out as long as possible to pay - make them prove the debt and stuff? I want to avoid a CCJ, but regardless I know this isn't gonna be off my record for a good while. At what point should I get ready to make payment/settle? Sorry if it sounds like I don't know anything, it's because I really don't know what I'm doing.
  5. Hey, Thanks for this! I assume I have to do this by post, and cannot inform them of my address by e-mail? For proof, what would be good for this - a scan of my residency card with stuff redacted, a scan of my current work contract? In addition, the Hoist debt I only know because I checked my credit file - I actually haven't received any correspondence from them (as far as I'm aware) - What would a letter to them... look like? By default I think it would look like I was admitting debt haha. A letter like: "This letter is to register my address in X, the address is X" Any other information I need to include? Cheers again.
  6. I left the UK in 2018 and behind it closed the door (and buried my head in the sand) to a number of debts. Various collectors have found my mother's address and are sending letters - she's obviously keen for me to deal with my debts, but I'm hesitant to give money to these companies. Especially as they'll be on my messed up credit score for 6 years regardless. I am returning to the UK August 2021 - so I would like to know what to do before this move, and after this move. I'm in a better position financially and mentally. I have not acknowledged or paid anything to these debts since I moved in August 2018 The breakdown are: (Credit cards) Barclays - Now Hoist finance uk holdings 1 limited (£2100 debt defaulted Feb 2019) Tesco Bank - Now Wescot (£3400 debt defaulted Nov 2018) Halifax Bank - (£920 debt default Jan 2019) There's also a network 3 mobile bill. The default was Feb 2019 and it was originally for £144 - now it's £450 and the DCA is Lowell. Any help or advice is appreciated here.
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