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  1. Yeah I believe so, I can’t completely remember to be honest. I did it over the phone. When I looked through my statements the payments were all coming out around the same date each month
  2. No I would never hide from legitimate debts and have never missed a payment on anything else. I just didn’t want to be handing over money that I don’t have to (RLP) so no need to be concerned! The only reason I missed this was I’m guessing I had no money in my account when they attempted to take it. But yeah I set up a payment plan with them to take monthly instalments of £10 automatically, when I went to check earlier today if there was a direct debit with them there was nothing there. Should I be concerned about that?
  3. Thanks for your reply dx. there’s no chance they can find my new address and just confirm this isn’t going to effect my credit rating even though I started to pay? And no chance of police/court action? I’ve blocked their number on my phone and double checked there’s no direct debits to them on my bank account which there isn’t. Seems strange they’ve taken a whole year to contact me by phone? Yeah it is a shame I didn’t know this information before!
  4. Hi, last year I had a problem in TK Maxxx, where I ended up having to pay RLP £180 (no police were involved) I started paying in monthly instalments of £10 but then in September I think I must have missed a payment and my monthly instalments stopped. I then moved house and didn’t inform them of my new address, they’re now sending me text messages saying ‘We have not received your instalment payment for some time. Please call 07342 882 881 to avoid any further action. Retail Loss Prevention’ and also attempting to ring my mobile. It’s now been a year since they last received a payment from m
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