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  1. Dealer is now harassing me for the vehicles document reference number so he can tax it.. .he's not due up until Sunday and I have repeatedly told him I am not at home just now to give him it as I currently have other issues to deal with just now! I have told him that could be done when he gets here but he just won't listen! Plus I refuse to give him the number until the vehicle has been transferred which I can do online in a matter of minutes, same as taxing it can also be done in a matter of minutes
  2. I'm not overly happy but it means one area of stress from my life is over! I would have been putting a case to ADR had he not agreed to the £1775 on the principle of getting my full coats recovered. He has become particularly chatty now and is asking me to do this and that eg write a receipt/take pictures of the car/asking if it starts and drives (I've never once driven it) , be available on the dates and times he is booking to come up, I explained I had a lot going on this coming week and can't do much about that and considering I have been seeking a refund since the 28th of Aug
  3. https://www.tradingstandards.uk/commercial-services/adr-approved-bodies/consumer-arbitration They have other sectors they cover.
  4. https://consumerarbitration.co.uk He has finally accepted my £1775 to collect the car next Sunday, if for whatever reason he refuses to take it when he gets here (I doubt very much) but on the unlikely chance he does it will proceed through the above company. Will keep updated
  5. As far as I am led to believe arbitration is binding.
  6. Update : final chance to the dealer to accept £1775 to end this debacle now or if he refuses I am about to proceed through to consumer arbitration service, To be honest I was ready to just proceed with the arbitration, however my dad pointed out this could well not be decided until after Christmas and in all honesty I just want it to end now, I notified him I need a response today and that as well as a civil element there is also a criminal element to this case and if it goes to ADR he is likely to have to fork out significantly more than the £1775. He has read the ema
  7. I will email dx100uk 's suggestion in the morning, I completely expect to be ignored but I shall inform TS and advice Direct of the correspondence between myself and the dealer over the last couple of days.
  8. Very true! But unfortunately for him I'm a bit like a bowel movement that won't flush!
  9. Could I pm you a copy of today's correspondence with the dealer dx100uk? I'm not sure he would respond to the suggestion you have just put forth, although I do agree it is a good one...
  10. many thanks for your response, to be honest I think I have given him enough time, he says he has always been willing to resolve however the offers of a refund haven't come before the last 48 hours, so I presume either TS have been on to him or he knows I mean business about my rights as a consumer and won't just roll over and go away. I can't see ADR not going in my favour to be honest so I think that might be the next step in all honesty because I'm all bit annoyed at being more than 400 out of pocket if I do go for £1775 and that was me being generous and trying to meet him hal
  11. Yes, I did write before I offered to accept £1775 without prejudice, I'm presuming I can withdraw the offer of settlement if he does not agree to be let off so lightly, see further up for my correspondence today from TS, not only had he committed a crime by omitting required pre contract information, the dealer told me in an earlier email he had no idea of the legislation etc. I pretty much answered that it wasn't my problem he didn't know, and as a trader he should be well aware of any and all legislation. Pretty fed up with t
  12. Ok, he will not budge and is refusing the £1775 offer to settle which to be honest in my opinion is more than generous. If I agree to the 1700 I'm losing out on over £500 on the car plus original delivery cost, so I think I may put this through ADR.
  13. I think he knew long before now, however has let it drag on for weeks unnecessarily...
  14. Email back from TS this afternoon as follows: RE: Deleted advert To: Thu 01/10/2020 14:24 Hi *****, The civil side of your complaint and the criminal side are two different things. The criminal side is both the lack of pre-contract information prov
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