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  1. If i was to be claiming on any fault it would be that the car requires completely strip of the advertised ' vinyl wrap' which is actually a plasti dip spray that looks like it was done by children at nursery school, is peeling off in various areas and looks absolutely not how the pictures made it look.strip It would then need completely resprayed in the original colour, or perhaps another one but since I don't intend on keeping the car that is irrelevent. When I first saw the invoice/deposit - I immediately queried exactly why the spares/renovation or restoration (ha
  2. Could you confirm what dx100uk is saying, I can forward you a copy of the actual invoice/deposit slip for clarification to your inbox Many thanks
  3. https://picclick.co.uk/Johns-Motorcare-Supplies-Used-Car-Vehicle-Sales-Trade-254575623299.html#&gid=1&pid=3 Just for clarification this is the invoice the dealer used. I can send the actual invoice/deposit through pm if someone would like to see it. I think trade flag on autotrader indicates the seller is a trader and not a private seller, I'm not sure they advertise trader to trader sales. As per the website for a simple procedure in Scotland I think it references because it is a consumer issue it can be in my local area. I'm not sure
  4. I would think I would have a strong enough claim with regards to him selling the vehicle on a trade sales invoice, at the moment I believe everything else is perhaps irrelevant... I will keep updated on any progress with TS if they bother to respond and advice given by CAB as and when I hear back, Thank you again.
  5. Unfortunately I haven't no, I believe that it might still be a possibility to do so, however as I was cancelling under the 14 days I didn't think it would be beneficial.
  6. See a previous post where I mentioned that the vehicle would need a complete stripping of the badly applied plasti dip paint and resprayed to the original colour. I can provide a copy of the advert, which also states that the timing belt (chain) had been replaced backed up by an invoice, I have been through the paperwork 3 times now and haven't been able to locate it. The advert was as follows;
  7. I have not done so yet no, as this is completely alien to me, this is why I have requested assistance from CA, if I had known that consumer direct wouldn't be able to help me in this regard I would have contacted them sooner. I could post the response I had from the dealer however there probably isn't enough space on the server! It was quite the novel of nonsense. This would maybe give you an insight as to what I am dealing with though. That said, you probably already have a fair idea!
  8. I would like to think not too, hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I did say before had this all been done in a face to face situation I wouldn't be in this current predicament. I mentioned that he said after his first initial call to me about the clutch/strut needing replaced however the car requires a completely new paint job and stripping of the 'wrap' (actually a badly attempted effort at spraying with a plasti dip paint) which wasn't apparent in any of the pictures, nor did he mention it. However, even this doesn't come into it with the 14 days to cancel as no reason has to be given.
  9. Well, perhaps pointing that out in the first place was a tad sarcastic, so, I generally reply to sarcasm with sarcasm. Bottom line is, the reason distance sales open more avenues for a consumerrights etc is because people get duped by dodgy traders rather frequently. I believe your own first response was, good luck with the 12 months extension, which is already in my favour, so a bit more savvy in knowing what you're talking about before you responded would maybe have prevented me from pointing out that yes, I do indeed have the 12 months extension.
  10. If you believe it is starting to drone on then I suggest, you don't read it? I was referred to TS as you can't directly raise an issue with them, so having had contact from my local TS on the issue of the invoice, which they stated was a legal/criminal issue, I am now awaiting to see what his local TS are going to do re that. I'm not sure why I would have to disclose what is wrong with the vehicle, because that is irrelevant under the 14 day right to cancel (extended by 12 months). No reason needed. Again I repeat, I am not paying for the return of the vehicle becaus
  11. 'It is very unlikely that Birmingham TS will get involved in your civil complaint, so best for you to follow Advice Direct Scotland’s advice. If Birmingham are not interested in the criminal side, then I will discuss it with my manager and decide what action to take.' that was the last I heard from my local TS, I will see if next week brings any further response.
  12. @Manxman in exileSpot on again Sir, TS can only be referred to by ca or in my case advice Direct Scotland which is similar, they though cannot help me with the court proceedings however as far as I'm aware CA can and therefore I'm currently waiting to be appointed an advisor. Understandably they are rather busy at the moment so it can take up to 2 weeks to get one assigned for assistance. I did email TS on Thursday to enquire if there had been any developments, I am still awaiting a response. TS generally don't get involved with legal cases and told me to re
  13. Your appear to have missed the fact that as soon as I had agreed to buy the car, put down a deposit etc a contract starts. However no pre contract information on cancellation etc was given on the durable medium I keep mentioning. To follow, he gave me a trade sales invoice, I notified the dealer 3 days afterwards of my request of a refund and a return. y rights are extended to 12 months and 14 days, this has been confirmed by TS. He also has to bear the responsibility of collecting the car, it is available for him to collect any time he decides to pull hi
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