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  1. It is where my husband head lands - presuming the natural oil has degraded whatever coating is on top of the "leather" - I am getting to a certain age and am molten lava hot some nights and have to get up - I head straight to the couch as it is cold.
  2. It's sort of flaked off and feels sticky in a larger area. It was sold as Leather Type Semi-Aniline Leather thick corrected grain 100% leather
  3. That’s a good idea, they said Homeserve or something like that and upon reading up it seems they are not very independent and seem to do a lot of what unclebulgaria67 mentions. In the cases like mine it sounds like they’ll say I’ve not cleaned it or cleaned it with the wrong stuff . Thank you
  4. Thanks for that, it’s Cousins Furniture. I’ve sent another email so will see what they say.
  5. Hello, I’m hoping to get some advice about my 16month old sofa and armchair. I noticed some peeling leather where my husband sits and contacted the retailer. Choices are pay £50 for an independent inspection - they said no when I asked if I could appoint one of my own. 2. Contact Guardsman for a repair. I have just run my hand over the armchair as husband also sits there and that has a sticky texture where his head would lie but no peeling as yet. I don’t want to get Guardsman repair - if covered - as it isn’t an accident, it’s caused by sitting on it which is surely it’s purpose making it therefore not fit also as the chair seems to be starting to have an issue I’m presuming wherever he sits will start. He has hair which is close cut and all he does is wash it - no products. I cleaned the suite before Christmas with the retailers kit and it is in a north facing room which is secondary seating area. Any advice on how to proceed would be great as I currently have leather furniture in our back room which doesn’t have any issues nor did the 18 year old sofa this one replaced which is still going strong at a friends house. I could get shot of the husband but I quite like him, I could chuck a throw on it but why should I have too? Thank you
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