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  1. Hello again, I've sent a SAR request to LANDMARK MORTGAGE for everything they have on me as im interested in seeing what can be done about my mortgage. it was a NORTHERN ROCK TOGETHER MORTGAGE taken with my EX in 2005, and as you'll know there pretty bad lenders back then. I had something like 110% LTV of secured and unsecured loan and a repayment mortgage at first according to my docs from 2005 but somewhere along the lines it was changed to interest only. I'm wondering when this was done as i think it was changed AFTER we split up and ZERO paperwork was sent with r
  2. Hello and Good evening CAG. Im BIGDUMBFACE and i have the same story as every one else got a Welcome finance secured loan and a lot of stuff happened : 2006: 10k ( £12,121.04 inc insurances) in OCT 2006 written by 'PROGRESSIVE FINANCE' T/A WELCOME FINANCE. 2008: Re-loan'd for £12,723.17 ( no insurances ) in MAY 2008 written by WELCOME FINANCE due to Arrears, Redundancy and not being able to make payments, but i was working part time and on benefits when re-loaned ( partner at the time was working full time ). ** I HAVE A SAR from the welcome finance liquidators with al
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