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  1. The letter of claim has been sent via post and email to Myhermes. Registered on the Moneyclaim UK. will work on preparing my particulars of claim
  2. Thank you for your comments. I will amend and send out tomorrow via email and post.
  3. Hello Bank Fodder, Please kindly find my letter of claim attached. Is this sufficient? Myhermes Claim 2020.pdf
  4. Yes I can. I had earlier sent same to myhermes
  5. Thank you for your response. I have taken out time to think through the whole process, the financial implication and what happens if it goes to hearing. I have decided to go through with it. Taking advantage of the social distancing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am happy to take the chance that it will not get to hearing. I have been out of pocket due to this incident and it has cost me a lot of distress for the past months since July. It is only fair that I see this to a justifiable end. What do you advise I do with regards to engaging myhermes and notification
  6. Thank you for your reply Bank Fodder. I am in Nigeria permanently and that is something to consider. I had my purchases sent to my friend in Cambridge whom the items where picked up from. I can get someone to receive correspondence on my behalf and scan same to me but If i will have to appear physically, that will pose a problem. In the meantime, attached is one of my many correspondences with Myheremes. MyHermes) 2 (1).pdf
  7. Hello All, I have unfortunately joined the innumerable number of people who have been let down by MyHermes and their godawful service. I was unaware as to how bad their service is. I booked a pick up from MyHermes on the 13th June, 2020 and both bags with pictures attached were picked up on the 14th June 2020 from Cambridge to be delivered to London. The bags have items worth £200 or more in each bag. I declared the value of £200 for each bag. By the 16th-17th June 2020, the tracking had stopped progressing for one bag at the National Hub and the other was out for deli
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