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  1. @BankFodder, I only became aware of the skype option after the fact. Lessons learnt for next time. To be honest, my mediator was very helpful and I did not feel that I was under any kind of pressure at all. Perhaps my telling her from the get go that I am a lawyer and very knowledgable of what my rights were may have had an influence, I cant say but she was pleasant and quite helpful. @mikeuk24 you are spot on regarding them not wanting to be exposed. If I were in the UK, I would have insisted on going to court just to test the principle. Like I had mentioned to the mediator a court judgement against them will literally open the floodgates of litigations not just for myhermes but for almost all the courier companies who have similar provisions. That is why they make all attempts to settle, bully their customers or hope that people are not aware of their rights.
  2. Dear BankFodder, Sincere apologies that I have not provided any updates since my mediation. I wanted to receive my settlement so I can give a conclusive report. The claim was for £400 - Cost of items lost, £15.44- Postage cost and £35-Cost of the claim. The mediation session was via phone and being abroad, I was informed that the call had to be made to a UK telephone number, therefore, I had to roam my line at a cost of £1 per minute. This background is necessary as it was a disadvantage, I couldn't stay on the call for too long. The usual back and forth ensued with Myhermes insisting on the fact that I didn't pay for extra cover and me claiming that I should not have to insure their internal processes. After several offers, I insisted on my money in full as I was co operating by ensuring that this matter was not taken to court. I settled for the cost of item and postage. I couldn't argue further because I had 2 minutes left in call time and was not willing to shell out another £10 to get more air time. My take on this as has been emphasised in the group is to stand your ground. Myhermes have no intention to go to court and will settle for the full amount. If I had more time or was in the UK, I am confident I would have gotten my cost of instituting the claim as well. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and helpful tips.
  3. Hello, I have received their defence today. It is attached Any thoughts? 166MC879-claim-response.pdf
  4. I have issued the claim this morning. Thank you.
  5. Dear BankFodder, Does the required 14 days after my letter of claim include weekends? This particulars of claim ok?
  6. Hello Bank Fodder, Please kindly find my letter of claim attached. Is this sufficient? Myhermes Claim 2020.pdf
  7. Yes I can. I had earlier sent same to myhermes
  8. Thank you for your response. I have taken out time to think through the whole process, the financial implication and what happens if it goes to hearing. I have decided to go through with it. Taking advantage of the social distancing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am happy to take the chance that it will not get to hearing. I have been out of pocket due to this incident and it has cost me a lot of distress for the past months since July. It is only fair that I see this to a justifiable end. What do you advise I do with regards to engaging myhermes and notification that I intend to take them to Court.
  9. Hello All, I have unfortunately joined the innumerable number of people who have been let down by MyHermes and their godawful service. I was unaware as to how bad their service is. I booked a pick up from MyHermes on the 13th June, 2020 and both bags with pictures attached were picked up on the 14th June 2020 from Cambridge to be delivered to London. The bags have items worth £200 or more in each bag. I declared the value of £200 for each bag. By the 16th-17th June 2020, the tracking had stopped progressing for one bag at the National Hub and the other was out for delivery and never arrived. In summary, both bags never arrived I immediately contacted MyHermes via the bot Holly and followed up via email. I sent them pictures of the bags but they did nothing. After so much back and forth via emails almost daily and phone calls, I was initially told to wait 5 days for the items to be sorted from the hobb. I was later informed that the bags were missing and told to fill a claims form. The agent who I called said that after filling the form an investigation will be carried out and 80% of the time, the items turn up. I believed and filled the form. I got an email that the items could not be found and I was offered £27.72 as compensation for each bag. I messaged the CEO saying that it was not okay to just fobb me off saying the items were lost without a sweep of their depot. I got a phone call from on Tasawar offering £25 as a good will gesture. I do not feel that it is sufficient and I have communicated that to them and they have said thats their last offer with a lot of text as to why I am only entitled to £27.72. I want to make a claim for the items. Has anyone succeed against MyHermes. I also feel it is important to state that I am in Nigeria at the moment ant the things were picked up from my friend but I made all the payments from my card. I am also shocked at the level of service MyHermes provides; it will be unacceptable even in Nigeria. What can be done about them. This has to stop
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