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  1. just to clarify if somebody is dealing with another persons debt whilst they are in custody and/or jailed (and you have a signed letter of authority from the person giving permission) and you receive a letter from a potential unsecured debt owner and you provide them with all the proof that the person is in prison and show the person has been removed by the council from the electoral register etc they can still put a CCJ claim in on that address or would it be the prison address?
  2. If you are remanded in custody (awaiting trail) or if you have been tried and convicted of a crime and receive a custodial sentence (and you have been removed from the electoral register at your last known address by your council as a result) can a creditor and/or DCA submit a CCJ claim at your last known address even if you have been removed from the electoral register and can prove to be in prison? The debt being unsecured like a store card/credit card/loan etc?
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