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  1. Case management discussion tomorrow morning dx. Any tips? I don't really have much to say in the matter other than sticking by that the charges should be removed? Is there anywhere I can read about this reading in 2006 to back me up any?
  2. Yes do you think I should go and fight my case? I always try ought if it got to this stage with an in court appearance I’d just accept defeat and pay it but after you mentioning the charges thing I think I’m going to fight my case now.
  3. Notified the court I was unavailable for the scheduled hearing on Monday but I sent them my defence as well as the letter I sent to Nolan’s and a copy of the spreadsheets. Also notified them I had contacted Nolan’s with the evidence but had received no reply. Ive now received this. Any thoughts dx? Order of the Sheriff.pdf
  4. Just over a week on and there’s been nothing from them. Safe to assume they are ignoring it and will just be hoping for a result from the court?
  5. Would there be any harm in e-mailing my response to them with the excel sheets attached to possibly speed up the response or would it be preferable to do an old fashioned letter?
  6. Going to get this letter typed in the next couple of days. Should it just be sent to Nolans? On it I should have what I am willing to pay and why that amount? Also mention about the bad gambling habit at that time which is proven throughout the various bank statements. Should I mention the change of address?
  7. It certainly is. What should be my next step? I'd quite like to get Nolans/The Court notified of these sums before the next scheduled hearing.
  8. CISheet v101.xls StatIntSheet v101.xls 3rd time lucky?
  9. OK I've done that. CISheet Total of Charges = £348 (I've included a number of £12 charges for 'overlimit' and 'returned payment' which I assume is correct? Hadn't noticed them first time around when looking purely for late payment charges. Total after including their 34% interest rate = £590.23 StatIntSheet The total for this after putting in £590.23 and then the date after the 'claim to' date from the CISheet is £5057.49. Should I now be uploading a letter onto the court portal explaining these sums and asking for the total to be removed?
  10. I thought that but just wanted to make sure. Cheers. I'm not too sure what to set the interest rate to. The original agreement states the standard interest rate is 34.94% p.a. I'm assuming this is too high and it should be something lower?
  11. Quick question DX. I'm filling these out just now. On the CISHEET should I enter the interest rate of the card as well or should I just add up each £12?
  12. Yes sorry the last late payment fee was December 2018. I just mentioned Aug 2020 to show how far the statements cover.
  13. 20 in total between May 2014 and August 2020. The last actual transaction on the card is January 2019.
  14. Sorry for late reply dx, I’ve double checked and yes I’ve missed another couple of pages which I think you are referring to. For some reason I am struggling to make the 3 pictures into a pdf despite doing so easily previously. Can you point me in the right direction please?
  15. Yes that’s correct in regards to the paperwork received. In regards to the signature, no. It is definitely my signature. I can’t recall where or how I signed it as they don’t have any actual in store branches but it is 100% my signature.
  16. Yes I took out an overdraft with my bank but that was all.
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