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  1. Yeah it is, sorry it took me forever to find a bill as it had been so long since having one..
  2. @dx100uk ... I did a search and it says Shell are my supplier, but I have never agreed or signed up to them. @BankFodderThat is true.. and I will send a SAR
  3. Hi, This is my first post here and I would like some advice please.. My domestic gas was supplied by British Gas, as soon as my bill was due to be paid they would ring me from an overseas call centre every day without fail.. it was ridiculous and in the end I lost it and told them I was going to change my supplier. This was May 2018… I actually never did, but in late July of the same year I got an email saying “we’re sorry to see you go”, I just ignored it as I was still seething with them. There are two flats in my property and a residential letting business has been run from an Office on the ground floor for over 50 years, its on the electoral register. The name of the business attached to the address always comes up when you search the address, not the individual flats which can get quite confusing sometimes… it transpired that the chap I share the house with, (he lives in the flat upstairs), decided he was going to change his supplier at the same time as I had told them I was, and it just so happened to be British Gas! I remember him mentioning something about some confusion with the whole thing and a mix up with the address’s when he did it, but again I didn’t pay much attention to what was going on… I never received another bill from British Gas or any other supplier since, as I said, this was back in 2018. I couldn’t be bothered to get in touch with British Gas. really had had enough of them and I didn’t know if I had another supplier (or who they were anyway) Just left it… in May this year upstairs got an estimated bill for both our meters and wanted proof that my meter wasn’t his responsibility. He took photos of both meters, explaining that mine was in a separate property and wasn’t anything to do with him. didn’t hear anything more until this month when I seem to have been sent a welcome pack by Green Star energy saying they were the supplier to the property and a bill for the period Aug 2018- May 2020 for £1211. It’s addressed to ‘The Occupier GROUND FLOOR FLAT’ etc, I didn’t notice this for a few weeks as it wasn’t actually addressed to me personally so it got left in the hallway. around 15th August I got a letter from Shell Energy who it transpires have bought out Green Star with another welcome letter and another bill saying I had to settle up by August 27th (today). today, (27th), I had a threatening letter from MIL Collections (again dressed to The Occupier) demanding arrangements for the bill to be settled within 72 hours or they may instruct an agent to establish residency and reason for non payment.. “This may be my final chance to resolve this before legal action is instigated”.. What is annoying is this letter was dated the 22nd August, 5 days before I had been asked by Shell to settle the bill. Slightly premature I think… I have never signed a contract with either Shell or Green Star to supply my gas and would like to know the best way to proceed. Don’t mind paying the bill for the gas used but none of this was really my fault and also I have been out of work since lockdown and would have to pay it in instalments. any advice as to what my rights are and the best way to deal with it all going forward, whether I have to use them as a supplier, (maybe I could get a better deal from a different supplier?) I don’t like the idea of giving my money to Shell either, not the most ethical of corporations… Thanks in advance for any help received!
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