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  1. I just posted about swift, I am also conected to welcome for a car that broke down, I also dont understand why companies are changing their name and allowed to . I hope you get your issue sorted out and I know that unknown companies would not help with mortgage payments during pandemic maybe they are obligated to?
  2. Are they connected to swift
  3. Morning. I was given a loan secured on my home by a broker that said he would help me by talking to preferred mortgages about my financial difficulties after a divorce in which my solicitor forced me to take out subprime lending with two young children just to pay off a ex husband who is a policeman with financial security. I then found out that SWIFT had a loan against my home for 16.000 which turned out to be 13000, after many years battling the courts i decided to sell, i was also informed by shelter that the loan was illegal and the lady was going to help me in
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