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  1. The only loss would be the loss of Revenue. I have only received the text that I mentioned above. Usually with apprenticeships the agreement is for the Apprenticeship term, the Employer is not obligated to employ you afterwards. Where as in my Situation they are asking me to commit before i accept the apprenticeship offer. Normally, the firm would pay for time off at work to study, take exams etc. But under an Apprenticeship its 100% funded excluding Exam fees, but they legally cannot claw back any fees, which they have told me verbally.. Thi
  2. Hi there, Yes, that is all they have provided me with. They have used a standardised Training Agreement from the professional Body that I intend to study that lists the terms on Re-sitting exams, how many attempts are funded etc. Then they randomly added that one line in to the agreement. They have confirmed as it is an apprenticeship they cannot claw back any fees, that was confirmed verbally. Are they actually saying that if you don't work for them for two years after you have finished the apprenticeship, then you will have to pay back to t
  3. Hi HB, I started my employment as a standard employee with a normal contract. I am Qualified to an extent but they want me to further my studies, and they can see i am eligible to be apprentice so they have opted to put me down as a apprentice so they get their funding. I am required to do 20% off the job, so yes college will be required during work hours, so they stay in line with the apprenticeship rules. They have given me a Training Agreement, where they have put that line in to say ' once you do your training you need to be employed by us for an
  4. Hi there, I have a contract employment. My employer wants to put me on a training agreement as an apprentice for 3 years. Within the training agreement they have stated ‘I need to be employed by them for 2 years following the end of apprenticeship’. Without any detail in regards to pay, consequences, conditions. Where do I / they stand legally with this? Thank you in advance.
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