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  1. Thank you, im off work tomorrow so i will call council Then & will email my local councillor tonight
  2. Yes im paying this years I get council tax reduction Help now i didnt on the previous bill , my husband used to pay all the bills we split up & i just continued paying what he had been from joint account never questioned it but turned out he had paid the bill 2017/18 in full & he was paying a previous ctax debt monthly so i was only paying off that debt and nothing off The 2018/19 bill. will they keep adding fees everytime they visit?
  3. Ive only had contact with jacobs by email up until now so ive a bit of a timeline if it helps. 8th aug 2019 - i emailed jacobs income & expenditure form they had sent me & offered £60pw 14th aug - jacobs replied asking for £150pw, i replied asking them to review as i could afford that 20th aug - jacobs said they would accept £90pw, i would still struggle so i emailed council and asked for help setting up a £60pw payment plan. 28th aug - council reply they have notified jacobs to accept £60pw 21st oct - enforcement notice recieved in post as im in arrears on the payme
  4. Got home last night to a hand delivered letter from jacobs to say they going to come back for removal within 24 hours i called agent on the letter this morning to make an arrangement to pay but she refused and said as its at enforcement stage & ive failed to communicate with them i cant make arrangement they need £730 in full. Im a self employed beautician and only been back to work a month now theres still some treatments i cant do as im in a local lockdown area. My income isnt even half what it was before covid, I said i didnt have that kind of money as ive been o
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