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  1. They died from feline corona virus but also had panluek which is another horrendous disease
  2. I have the results back from autopsy: PCR Clostridium perfringens type A R PCR Clostridium perfringens type A DETECTED @ Ct 21 Feline Enteritis/Panluekopenia PCR R PCR Panleukopenia Virus
  3. Hello everyone. I have a serious issue. I bought 5 pedigree cats about 2 weeks ago and they have all been going downhill fast. (9,000 pounds on the line) The first cat to get ill was very small (had a note from vet sayiing when it got its vaccine that it was not gaining weight) and sadly after we got it she still plummeted further but with vet stay and treatment she pulled through it. A few days after I had to admit another two kittens as they were not coping well and were not really eating and had very bad diarrhoea. Sadly both have now passed a
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