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  1. The property is a detached home built 19 years ago and has been supplied gas since build. The meter is a 2001 meter too, so its definitely been there since that date. I gave NG the Meter serial and they have no record of the meter or the address either. We tried both. The Find my Supplier site doesnt have the address either. Even a search for postcode alone,doesnt show up anything. There truly is no record of anyone supplying gas to the property. There is an address on the FindmySupplier site that doesnt actually exist, but again it says No Supplier and the MPAN is no
  2. Ok, I have searched around a bit and seem to be comfortable with what I have found but I thought some clarification may be useful just to keep myself right. Moved into a house after purchase a few weeks ago. I have made quite a few calls after this as the old lady who lived here, passed, and her daughter had no idea who the Gas and Electricity were with. Finally found the Electricity company and have added my details. BUT, the gas is a different kettle of fish. The supplier said they have no account for the property. I gave them the meter Serial number, and still nothi
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