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  1. Hiya, Two letters in the post yesterday------------ 1 --- Barclays defence-----BOOOOO!!!! 2 --- Letter from the court to stay the whole thing till March next year.......... Well back to twiddling my fingers then.........bummer.........don't ya just think their gonna get away with it.....
  2. Well its official hace claim number and off we go --- do ya think they might tick the box saying "The defendant admits that all the money is owed" Nah me neither!! 80)
  3. Hi All, Well done it put in form -- told we'll have a claim number by end next week...........stomach is now officially churning 80(.... Put in N1 form all letters and statements hope I haven't missed anything sure I will have I am a numpty sometimes.......well most really ... 80) The whole court things sooooooo scarey but why should they get away with it!!Well back off to find the link to change my user name kept falling over it yesterday--can I find it today------course not.... 80)
  4. THANKS Sorry for all the messing-------right N1 form done schedule 1 and schedule 2 done -- I read bankfodders post (yep I actually read!) So I've added the overdraft interest on as well at 14.9 most of mine are good old paid referal but just the few or so I had doesn't half make a difference ------- wasn't sure whether to add it and then thought --blow it if the judge says no he says no doesn't he lol!! Please don't tell me I've read it wrong I've pulled half my hair out and ran out of paper --- so let me just carry on in blissful ignorance-------(like I don't already!) Thanx again Shell
  5. Well, I've sorted the spreadsheet out put in date/reason given/amount incurred/days from offence and last but by no means least interest....put name barclays acc no and schedule 2 on top.................. N1 form--- Wasn't too sure what to put so I just put -------Repayment of charges levied on my account and dates -- value--- I added theinterest and court fee also put 11p to be added daily from 17 Is that ok do you think?????????? Thanx Shell
  6. Hi Slick, Sorted out our spreadsheet last night --- geez you just don't realise how much interest it all comes to -- thats if we've got it right lol!! Just read the new Poc---stomachs starting to turn --- what a wimp -- got my Small claims court guide so I'll go through that tonight -- I've given myself a cut off of next Monday by then I have to have put it all into court (for a braver person it would probably only take 10mins) Anyways thanx for your help Shell 80)
  7. Haven't been on for a while new baby and all just got my small claims pack-----not looking to good do you think its worth going ahead with it or do you think they''ll tell us all to get lost now????? Shell Serves me right for dragging my heels really 80(
  8. I suppose I know the answer really just wanted someone else to tell me as well!!
  9. Hi Guys , Received a letter from Woolwich on behalf of Barclays saying they can't trace the charges I'm on about and to send account number in ( You know the one thats been on all the letters) Is this genuine or should I just go on to the next stage (court) or send in the account number yet again... Thanx shell
  10. Well been away got computer changed in the end (under waranty) had a baby --- and ready to go again.....I sent off how much ages ago -- heard nothing from them -- so I think I've probably sent it to wrong place (DOH!)...I sent it to the same addy as I sent my request to so --so I think I best have a nosey around to see were I should send the next one to ---I'm just going to include the last one with it so it should be ok shouldn't it?? Well off to nsey around the site.. Shell
  11. Thanks Paul will do----as soon as I can work out how to get at the spreadsheets -- back to wanting to throw the puter out of the window!!I'm definitelt a computer numpty!!
  12. Hi All, Just gone through my statements ---- just arrived Does anyone know what a paid referal is theres tonns of them everywhere -- me thinks its a type of charge could anyone confirm this for me--------please!! 80) !! Also can I claim back account fees monthly of £6 my gut instinct is no but I thought I'd ask anyway!! Thanks for any advice------its greatly appreciated!!
  13. Well, No statements------onto next stage me thinks Should have done it last week but was away-----what a pain in the rear!!
  14. Hiya, Will be really interested to see how it goes!! Nice one!! Shell 80)
  15. Well Clarky, I say I'm sending it tomorrow -- but now my printers on the blink sat here for last hour trying once again to get it to work -- pondering throwing it out the window at the mo.... I think Caps right , we'll end up going down the same route as Alanfromderby with the breach of DPA Can't blame ya for wanting to get stuck in with the charges you know about though --- and hopefully you'll get the rest of your statements in time to add them on to this claim --- Go Clarky Go!! lol!! Kepp us posted 80)
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