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  1. Sorry I've been quite vague so as not to reveal too much information, as I mentioned earlier this is more than just a split - there's a few more factors involved in this (children, other legal issues etc). Unfortunately the ex is known to cause issues and my reasoning for wanting to do everything in 'proper' or 'heavy' forms is just so there is no disparity at a later stage that could cause future issues. I'd love to be in a situation where we can just text her third party (or even her directly) and say when are you free to come get your stuff, but unfortunately if it's not done by
  2. Unfortunately I don't know any contact details of anyone who could deal with it for her, but I am happy to do either. I suspect I could follow your steps but write on the first contact "if you'd prefer an intermediary to assist you please pass my details on"?
  3. Hi All, Thanks for that - there's actually more to the breakup than I've gone into but as a result I intend to be the intermediary so the parties don't have to communicate. The goods are bulky items but would be difficult to get any sort of decent value for, i.e a tumble dryer that's 2 years old, an old bed frame etc. Would it have to be an ebay listing or could we sell to people locally (facebook marketplace etc). If the latter is acceptable presumably we need to use a around market value for the listing?
  4. Hello, My brother in law has recently split from his girlfriend after living together for two years it was a bit of a nasty split and she has since sent a text message demanding her stuff. He has said she's more than welcome to have whatever she brought with her / bought. The problem is she has been incommunicado since then so we are planning on issuing a notice under Interference with goods act I was wondering if anyone can help me with a few questions please? Can we set certain times for collection on the notice, i.e ensuring it is evening or weekends for the best
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