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  1. Thanks dx, Looks like I made a few mistakes. Hopefully won't detract from the fact the debt is SB in the courts eye. I received a letter of claim via email. As I had not received the one they sent out. The first letter they sent out in 2013, was addressed to my previous address in the UK. I have only found this out by looking at their witness statement. When I left this address I informed SLC that I was moving abroad via letter. I have no idea how Erudio found or choose my Mother's address. I assume it was not at random although we both have the same initia
  2. Hi Dx100uk, Thanks for getting back. I have never conversed with them on the Phone and because despite being told my address they do not send letters to the correct place. I have being using email as the form of contact. I am unsure of what a CPR request entails, so I presume I didn't send one. I asked them for original signed agreement as evidence, they did not provide it. But I did not write a formal CCA. My defence was possibly too simple: 1: I received the claim XXXXXXXX from the County Court Business Centre on 11th February 2020
  3. Thanks BankFodder, As far as I had read I believed I was correct. I tried to contact the national debt line but of course with current situation is was impossible to get through. I did find this on their factsheet: "Old­style student loans usually became due for repayment in the April following the conclusion of your course, and any limitation period could not begin until after you missed a payment on your loan. However, if you asked for your loan to be deferred within the six year limitation period, this would have restarted the limitation period." I wou
  4. I'm preparing for a case that I did not expect to go this far as the debt is clearly statute barred. I had old style Student loans from 1997-2001. I left the UK in 2010 and I am not a resident there and rarely return. I last deferred on a SLC student Loan in 2011 giving them my address abroad. I had no further contact. Randomly my Mother started receiving letters at her address (I have never resided there) in 2016. I did not recognise Erudio and my Mother did nothing with the letters. Accidentally (and luckily) this February my Mother opened a
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