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  1. Hi All, We had an enforcement agent turn up to our doorstep today which my sister stupidly opened the door to, my mum refused the notice which he said he had to post anyway even if she did not physically take it. - It is for my dad who is not in the country at the moment. He told me to pay it, which is fine, but upon checking everything this is a PCN issued by the council on the 25/082019 - he hasn't received any correspondence leading to this. Payment is for £408. I will upload the letter they 'posted'. Any advice w
  2. The issue is here that we’re on a mortgage so there’s no landlord between us. The management company have strictly said anything to do with parking has nothing to do with them and only UKPCM.
  3. Hi All! Recently just joined and needed advice, I have read many of these forums on PCN's etc. Let me give you insight (they did add the location and the location ID etc. They had the signage etc) They issued a PCN as there was not a valid permit on the vehicle, which is correct; Issued On: 22/08/2020 at 00:23 Observed On: 22/08/2020 at 00:02 Reason For Issue: Not Displaying a Valid Permit We have two cars in one household, the back of our flats parking is managed by UKPCM and the front of the flats
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