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  1. Checking my voicemail today I had a message from Moorcroft asking me to call them. It's a name I haven't heard for several months. Admittedly I was paying them something by direct debit several months back but I changed accounts and they fell through the net. I've also moved house just under a year ago, so I would assume if they've written to me, I've not had their letters. The thing is, I don't know what this debt is for. Several years ago I had various loans and credit cards which have all since been paid off. I would imagine that if Moorcroft contacted me during that period, I'd have assumed they were something I've forgotten about and just set up the payment. I do remember a company who I was paying by direct debit suddenly cancelling and switching to a different company who then accused me of cancelling the direct debit myself. I've looked on my credit report on both Equifax and Experian and see nothing outstanding. Certainly no missed payments. I can account for everything on there. I'm trying to save to buy a house and I'm really anxious about Moorcroft taking me to court and ending up with a CCJ. Do I contact them and ask or is this some sort of scam? Surely if I'd missed payments for months from somewhere, it would be on my credit report?
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