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  1. Thanks for both your replies UB. I believe there are hundreds of thousands in the UK in the same position as me: not employed for many years - therefore never 'became unemployed' - and so ignored for benefits by the DWP for all that time. My largest overhead is council tax and I want to do something about it now. I'm pretty sure I am going to be totally screwed when it comes to collecting a state pension at retirement age too, but hey-ho.
  2. thanks DX, I appreciate your response. Due to the pandemic, central government has allocated additional money to councils for council tax reduction, targeted at working age people who may not be eligible for other benefits. I think the pandemic has produced many homes who are not eligible for any universal credit, but who can demonstrate no income or savings, and therefore cannot pay council tax - so they need help! For example, my household was rejected for universal credit because we were waiting to see if furlough would be paid, and so we have been forced to
  3. Thanks HB I don't understand your comment. You have linked to an article on council tax reduction, but are saying that you have not heard of it? My question: when councils process CTR claims, do they contact DWP to check PAYE earnings?
  4. Thanks honeybee and good evening to you. Yes, I am having trouble paying my council tax bill and would like a reduction to avoid additional charges and the debt collection route.
  5. Good evening All I am not currently claiming any benefits, but wish to apply for a council tax reduction. Do councils use the national insurance number to go check earnings with the DWP as part of the application process? Cheers
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