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  1. Hi Stu007, Many thanks for your reply, There was never a agreement made in writing between us and the council it was all done Verbally, The Agreement given to the tenant was a standard short hold tenancy The deposit is covered by DPS since the start of the tenancy and the lead tenant on DPS is the council as they supplied the deposit The council have never referred to any policy with us, the current update is that the tenant is due to get there keys for another place today i have also received a email from the council to say they have sent
  2. Hi Guys, Need urgent advice please. We bought our first home four years ago and due to not getting admission in the school we wanted, we decided to put it on rent for a year. As no one was interested for a short term contract, we contacted the local council who said they will take the property onboard for occupancy of their tenants. We were guaranteed the rent will be paid to us directly from the council. As soon as the tenants moved in we started experiencing issues including breach of contract due to parrots being kept as pets. As the scho
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