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  1. My son's bike was stolen on a trip to London. He had locked it for 12 hours to a bike rack, using an approved lock and through the frame. Bike rack is covered by two sets of CCTV. The bike insurance was taken out two weeks ago. The insurance company are being extremely difficult because the theft has happened within two weeks of taking out the policy. They asked my son if he had any insurance that would cover it and he said he didn't but had had home contents insurance back until January which he cancelled due to having an operation. The insurance company are trying to imply that he was neglectful or couldn't afford that insurance, cancelled it, and took out cheaper insurance for his bike. They have asked for proof of his operation. The operation took place in February. The first insurance was cancelled in March. The new bike insurance was paid for in early May and covered the bike from the date it was paid for. The trip to Glasgow was booked in April, my son stayed at a hotel booked in April, researched for "secure" places to lock bikes (with CCTV), emailed hotels asking if they had secure places for bikes. The bike was insured during my son's stay in London. The insurance told my son that if he didn't provide proof of his operation back in February (three months before the bike theft and three months before the new cycle insurance was purchased) they would refuse the claim. They have also said that they believe he cancelled his home insurance because he "couldn't afford it" and bought cheaper insurance to cover the bike. However he has never said this. He travelled to London and stayed in a fairly expensive hotel for 1 night which would disprove that hypothesis. The insurance company keep ringing him up and saying they are recording the call. I suspect they are fishing for things he will say during the telephone conversation for them to go away and analyse and refuse the claim. I am feeling very upset by this situation. My son loved his bike, he had it for 7 years and because of his illness he can't get a driving licence so it's his only form of transport and helps greatly with his condition (managing long term mental health by going for relaxing bike rides). I understand that the policy is very early in its inception (purchased less than 3 weeks ago) but the bike is still covered. Any tips or advice, please?
  2. Hi I am trying to help a friend who has got into massive rent arrears (nine months). He is mentally disabled and there has been disrepair at the property for the previous two years. He has now vacated the property but has received some emails from his former landlord indicating that he might be pursuing the former tenant for the rent arrears. Given that my friend has lost mental capacity due having to live with the disrepair during Covid19 lockdown and has now abandoned the property, what is the worst that can happen? He is claiming disability benefits.
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