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  1. it looks like enterprise lied to me when they told me their solicitors would deal with it and it would not affect me even if they lost and I would not incur any costs. My solicitors are dealing with it and I am having to prove I needed a courtesy car and have had to send 3 months worth of bank statements from every account to my solicitors. and are trying to sort it out because apparently having a courtesy car option on hastings insurance and being hit from behind while stationary means nothing with third party admitting liability. If you can borrow money or a car off f
  2. Just had an email back from enterprise the third party have offered very little for the car. enterprise want to take them to court in my name. After reading a few posts on here that seems normal. I have agreed they say it will cost me nothing even if they loose.
  3. Sorry could be a long one this, Back at the beginning of June my car was hit from behind while taking my wife into work ( at the hospital) At the time we where stopped as the car in front had braked suddenly we stopped in time but the car behind ran into us. I got out of my car to exchange details with the third party who admitted liability and I took pictures of the scene and both cars ours had extensive rear damage as it was hit by a big 4x4 at 30mph. I thought it would be written off as the back was right in and quarter panels kinked. This happened a minute away
  4. My car was rear ended in June the third party admitted liability my car has been repaired(not satisfactory but that's another story) when I do online quotes and put I have had a non fault claim and did not claim on my insurance the cost of the quote goes up by at least £50 more than if I say I have had no claims.
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