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  1. I too have had letters from both of these companies and was under the assumption that a dormant company cannot accept payments, although on their letter it does state Credit G's account details so I'm guessing JES is just a front company (trading name) using scare tactics as enforcement. Last year I moved home and completely forgot, due to the move, that I had a couple of hundred pounds rent outstanding with my previous housing association. Over the last couple of months, I've started getting letters from Credit G which I've binned, then subsequently from JES, which I've also binned with the intent of paying off the debt directly to the Housing association, cutting out the profiteers . This week I had a letter from JES threatening a high court registered company will take up the outstanding debt. Anyway, today I logged in to my old H/A account with the intent of settling the debt and searched through the statements. I found out that earlier this year, my rent account was paid in full. I didn't pay it? so I'm guessing Credit G bought the debt and are now chasing me for it? Such a headache for a couple of hundred quid! Guessing I'll reluctantly end up paying these cowboys after all.. Any ideas welcome?
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