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  1. Agree ASI, they basically have us over a barrel. Its a shame as the independent suppliers were always great to deal with. First utility before Shell bought them over for example.
  2. It is that, I also had a look at other tariffs of the suppliers that are taking on customers, and they are actually all more expensive than BG - maybe I should put my toys back in the pram and not cut my nose off to spite my face. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Dx, its below that so hopefully shouldn't be a problem. They are advising (via their webchat for complaints) not to transfer away from them until the process is complete in 2-3 months. Although when I queried my credit they said it would be a few weeks - I smell sh*.
  4. Thanks for the replies. As a consumer, you really are going on the advice they give you to hang fire with them until its all sorted out, with the carrot being dangled of your Credit. I'm just going to make moves to shift it away from them just now. It's just bloody well sneaky on their part to hold off sending you a bill until they have your hands tied around your back. I couldn't actually tell you what tariff I'm on, but I'll find out and post it for info, no doubt the most expensive one.
  5. Thanks, not sure what the SAR request would achieve, is this really just to get an audit trail of the comms? I'll probably pay a month towards it keep the amount down and initiate the transfer to someone else. I'm not even actually sure if I'm locked in until the account is "migrated". I'll find out soon enough. My only real concern is that I pay, then move, and the PE credit vanishes into thin air. Its more the principle the BG havent done what they said they were going to do.
  6. Hi, I've had a quick look for similar threads, but haven't found any - so apologies in advance if the issue has been raised elsewhere. So, long story short: > Peoples Energy go bust in September, > Account assigned to British Gas - not at all happy with this as BG is probably at the top of my Energy Supplier badlist! > Advised to hang fire with them (by them, no surprise) until my account is migrated from People's Energy (PE), so as to ensure my credit, circa £700 is transferred from the administrators and direct debits are kept setup with PE as these will also be moved. > Final meter reading provided to BG September. Zero comms from BG, until, you guessed it, early Jan demanding my bill was paid within 3 days (what bill, I hadn't even have one), for the price of £400 odd. The irony in this is that way back in September, I actually predicted BG would do something like this, hold back bills until it was at such a level that you would have to pay it in order for them to let you move account. Now I know what you are thinking, hadn't you been putting the uncollected DD amount away in prep for your bill. The simple answer is... Yes. BUT, as a matter of principle, BG are due to receive my £700 credit from PE and haven't managed to transfer the DD's across. Do you really think I am going to part with £400 when I am actually owed £700. For me its a matter of principle, yes I am stubborn, but I've seen this BG movie before. Called BG, was on hold for an hour before putting thru to the most un-knowledgeable customer service agent. I'm not having a go at them, I'm having a go at BG for just throwing bodies at the problem as a deflection tactic. She did say my bill would be put on hold and I would receive a telephone call by the end of the week (last week) to discuss my complaint. I had asked to be put thru to complaints, but for some reason, this wasn't possible or the poor lady wasn't shown how to do this. Guess what, no call from BG to discuss the complaint. I did however receive a chaser to pay my bill. So really what I am asking is that: Is anyone else in the same situation with their account being migrated, DD to be setup and receiving your credit? Should I just stop being stubborn, pay the bill and move my account elsewhere - what will happen to my credit from PE, we have been advised by BG not to cancel DD's and bear with them until everything is transferred. Great advice, what they really meant was, don't do anything until we ramp up your bill that much (in the hope you cant pay), so we can hold your face to the fire and you can never leave. I cannot stand BG, their service has always been absolutely shocking and tactics questionable. We have previous with them (to which I won, but that's another story). a bit of a rant but does make me feel slightly better. Just wondering what the options I have are.
  7. Thanks London1971, it;s pretty much the same advice I've been getting from people who have went through it! It's a mental drain. Unfortunately looks like its going to have to get solicitors involved.
  8. Hi All Will try to keep this brief and to the point, but looking for advice as all reasoning with my partner just doesn't seem to be working unfortunately. Married with teenage kids. Mortgaged Property (in my sole name), both been in property for over 10yrs. I'm in a Protected Trust Deed, in my sole name. I can't really continue to live here as the environment is toxic and not good for anyone's health, especially the kids. I'm looking to rent a property and continue to pay my mortgage (as my soon to be ex-wife will not pay it and it could potentially be repossessed as part of my TD). These events would be cataclysmic to say the least. The knock on effect professionally would end any prospects I have as a company owner. What I'm really asking is, I'm planning on moving out into rented accommodation so that we can be separated for the min time to apply for a divorce. I also want to retain my house. I've got 5 yrs left on my mortgage that I have paid myself. No contribution from the wife, not even to any bills. Yes for a few years since we moved in, but none now. The question really is, if I move out, am I likely to lose the house or have to contribute payments to the mortgage to subsidise my wife. I want a clean break and any other advice/prep for going to see a solicitor would be ideal.
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