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  1. The glib comments were: "no other school is moaning". "we can't do anything about it". Thanks Andy for the links. As they did not give the required notice, do the hours need to be paid back?.
  2. I have previously had good guidance from CAG. Somehow none is forthcoming on the present issue. Maybe everyone is now very busy on catch-up now people are going back to work.
  3. They have now taken hours off my latest pay. No message to say they would do this or reasons; pay just shows hours worked. This ls less than normal presumably due to hours being paid back. All I get from employer are glib comments. Should they have given more notice for the forced holiday
  4. Thanks. Contract does say holidays taken but not accrued when leaving may need to be paid back. This i understand but the holdays were forced due to building repairs and them only giving two days notice.
  5. Update: Employer has confirmed today that hours need to be made-up. A total of 48 hrs.
  6. I work for a school cleaning contractor. During summer leave I was told not to go in to work on the normal start week, due to continued building repairs. Then again told that week, repairs are continuing and to start back after a further three days. So start should have been Mon 10 Aug but now Thurs 20 Aug with hours to be made-up later in the year, I am leaving this employment on 4 Sspt and am concerned they will deduct eight days classed as holiday pay. This on the basis that I have not accrued the days. Can they do this even though the extra time off was not of
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