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  1. There platinum membership is more than my original cost i don't have children.So why would i want to waste more money on a plc such as there's when you possibly cannot have full standard normal use. I do believe there are far better DL clubs out of Wales,which sadly i never got to explore.And given this vast leisure times people seem to have why is it these sites are not brought up to date i guess its lack of membership within the private sector and the drain on company resources. I's like to clarify something i did here in one or more e-mails that because our direct debits had been
  2. The dates it took part in ranged from around the 7th - 15th of August. Basically the e-mails from David Lloyd's,was saying if i provided a doctors reasons why i as his patient should not be fit for the gym use of pool,sauna ect. in regards to Covid19.(Need paper from doctor,to cancel gym membership) I did do this but i wrote the correct e-mail address ([email protected]) but on input of it sent to mydoctor,([email protected]) This was to go to Membership advisor.Because i made a 1 letter spelling error S on this occasion..And they had not received it from my docto
  3. Hi CAG,(slick132) 1, No cancelled my direct debit. 2,DL knowing i was due to cancel membership still took a payment of £31.50 from 10/08/20,i was told by membership advisor somewhere between 3rd -8th/8/20 as long as i had a medical issue from my doctor they would except an e-mail,given the Covid19 restrictions (Normal d/d was always taken on 1st of every month) 3 Only ever used gym once and fell really ill which really wasn't normal for me from my old gym. I must add i only ever used the bike for a 10 miles bike ride or 16 kms.. My main activity was
  4. Hi Dx i am not sure what you do not understand and have now really confused me. However David Lloyd made contact with me back in December 2019 regarding membership. i was upset that i joined DL for that fact my new job would give me more time to spare at this leisure establishment. My job wasn't happening so i ended up putting myself in roughly £90 quids worth of debt a month. Which i was already in some debt. The membership adviser advised i get a letter from my doctor to cancel early. Struggling to make ends meet. The compl
  5. Hi This one goes to [email protected] leisure centre . I was a member at a different leisure complex. Neath Leisure centre and Aberavon leisure centres,Neath Port Talbot. The 2nd leisure outlets are i believe council run or buildings rented by said Celtic Leisure .i had been a paid member for nearly 8 or more years.In the Aberavon Afan Lido is it was called had a fab health suite, with private changing rooms. But sadly there closing times got earlier and earlier as in 5 pm on Saturdays and 4 pm on Sundays .Also when the new Aberav
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