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  1. Hey dx, All completely unsecured. The Province/State was Newfoundland. Thank you!
  2. Hey dx, I haven't yet. I take it I should do this asap to avoid any default judgement shenanigans? Also, does the Statute of Limitations change at any point now that my location has changed? Thanks!
  3. Hey there, Lived in Canada, Newfoundland and accrued around $30k CAD in unsecured credit card debt Defaulted as was completely unable to pay around January of this year Now live in the UK Thanks for the interest slick
  4. Hey everybody, hope you are all well Overall I'm just interested on how the Canadian creditor will chase me in the UK with some unsecured debt. I understand that they would need a judgement in Canada before anything could happen here in the UK? Also, how does the statute of limitations work? Can this change(from the province's statute of limitations) now that I've moved(to the UK's 6 years)? Thank you!
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