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  1. They said if I'd taken the loan out with a different "choice" or "way", then the money from the sale of the car would have been taking off my remainder of the loan? But they never explained this when I got the car. It seem a ridiculous amount to expect me to pay for no having a car now and already paying them £3000? What direction should or can I go now? Is it worth pursuing in court? Thank you for any advice.
  2. Hi Thank you. I have a paper trail. I'll get the dates asap. I asked them to VT my contract with them a year after taking out the loan and buying the car. Bought car and took out load 18th Aug 2018. Lost my job June 2019. Terminated contract Aug 2019. They collected the car and then informed me a few weeks later by post that all was fine with it and they were putting it up for auction. Then a few months later I received this bill saying I still owed them £4888.
  3. Hi I'm new to this so please be gentle I foolishly took out a car loan with Moneybarn for a £8500 car. The total cost after interest that I'd have paid back after 60 months meant I'd have had to pay back £14500. So for 12 months I paid £251.00 a month, but then for no fault of my own I lost my job. Due to not being able to pay the monthly payments I handed the car back. This was called a VT? I thought that the car would be sold. They told me that no work needed to be carried out and they sold it. I assumed they would take off t
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