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  1. I'm not sure what a single justice notice is but all i know is ive recieved a letter stating" You are required to appear on saturday 5th september at 11 am before X magistartes court to answer the following charge" Also this is the letter I drafted please offer any constructive crticism it would be much appreciated! To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter in response to the requisition I received to appear in Wimbledon Magistrates Court, in regards to my case X. I would like to start by apologising for my defiant actions against TFL. T
  2. So it’s a hearing and it will be on September 5th. if I don’t plead guilty to the other 149 offences I will be further prosecuted for them desperately but if I do they will only charge me for the one time I was caught so the smart decision for me right now is to plead guilty unless I can somehow manage to settle this out of court. I replied to the original letter with a very short statement that wasn’t exactly expressing remorse as I did not think all this would lead to being dealt in court I thought I would just pay a fine and be done with it. I now realise I should’ve
  3. Okay thank you for your help and yes I was consistently using her zip card for about 3 months in hindsight it really wasn’t worth all this hassle.
  4. The email they gave me to send my details too was [email protected] is this the email I also send my pleading letter to?
  5. Yes a couple months ago I had letters from TFL asking me to write a reason for my offence
  6. Hi, I've been summoned into court next month for getting caught using my younger sisters oyster card. But they also analysed her card and saw that ive used it 149 times other than that. I'm only being chargerd with the one offence and am having to pay fines and i can chose to plead guilty or not guilty. HOWEVER the letter states "The schedule gives particulars of 149 offences, which we suspect you of committing but have not been charged with. If you plead guilty in person and are found guilty of any offences with which you have been charged you can,
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